Posted by: dpavilionarchitects | November 26, 2009

Edwin Nafarin’s Design Ideology

Edwin Nafarin - dpavilion principal

Edwin Nafarin - dpavilion principal

As an architect practicing in Indonesia, a developing Asian country with world’s largest muslim population, I surely have a design ideology that differs from those of other architects in other countries. I always try to observe and understand the surrounding condition, then create something with possesses a “soul” which is harmonious with local life.

Indonesia, as a developing country with a “less” stable economy, still leave many of its citizens in poverty. This is the basis for my architectural idealism. I want the poors to be able to have facilities and entertainement, just like the affluent ones. This is termed as “kere bisa hore” (the poors can say yeah); the poors have the rights to be happy.

Yet I am not 100% altruist. I support the idea that architecture is a commodity. In a situation where economy is regarded as the basis for everything, commodification is unavoidable. However, I believe architecture should be a commodity with high-quality, instead of a low-quality one.

I am also fascinated with Nusantara (the archipelago between Asia and Australia) which possesses myriad of phenomenal architectures. I try to adopt the forms or the values  of Nusantara architectures in order to create contemporary architectural forms.

Our design results at dpavilion architects are combination of idealistic works and commercial works. It is a matter of cross-subsidy, so to speak. An architectural bureau needs sufficient budget to operate, and I am aware that not all projects can be carried out with high idealism. But I guarantee that we shall not produce architecture with low-quality or no-quality.

Several of our works in dpavilion architects which have made me proud to be an architect of “kere bisa hore”, are, among others: Contertainer in Batu, Wisata Bahari Lamongan in Lamongan, Jawa Timur Park in Batu, Playground de Rumah in Malang, and Batu Night Spectacular in Batu.


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